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First indigenous livery revealed ahead of Darwin

Scott Taylor Motorsport has revealed the first indigenous livery to be raced in the Top End for driver Nash Morris at Round 3 of the Porsche Paynter Dixon Carrera Cup Australia Championship designed by Daniel Evans.

The livery will be one of many amazing artworks on display at the popular Darwin Supercars event, with all of the Supercars teams and other entrants, including STM, embracing the indigenous celebrations.

The art adorning Morris’ #222 entry has been created by Evans, a proud Gamilaroi man hailing from the small country town of Coonabarabran in the northwest of NSW.

Currently residing on Bunjalung/ Kombumrri country (Gold Coast) for over 25 years, Evans  runs an aboriginal business – Walkabout Warrior – that promotes indigenous arts in order to inspire others and to reach out to other communities.

He took up painting 13 years ago, using his contemporary style to deliver his unique and original pieces.

Evan’s art – titled ‘Dreamtime Connection’ – will be seen all around Morris’ Porsche, as well as the team’s transporter and team apparel.

“When we embrace the Dreamtime, we open ourselves to a deeper understanding of our purpose and place in the world. We recognise that we are part of a greater tapestry, woven with the threads of past, present, and future,” Evans said.

“Together through the Dreamtime, where our spirits dance with the stars and our hearts beat in harmony with the rhythms of the cosmos. Let us honour the wisdom of our ancestors and embrace the connection that flows through this mystical realm.

“May the connection through the Dreamtime awaken the magic within us all.”

Morris has enjoyed a terrific start to the 2024 Porsche Carrera Cup season. After two rounds, he sits seventh in the standings and just 14 points outside of the top five.

“The car looks awesome. It’s cool to have the amazing art and represent the culture and indigenous heritage,” said Morris.

“It’s a special thing to me. I have been involved in Team Racing Together and the Hyundai Excel racing program. Myself, Brodie (Kostecki), Broc (Feeney) and Anton (de Pasquale) have been involved in the team here in Norwell so to be able to all be on track together will be pretty cool.

“In Carrera Cup, it’s been an OK start to the season. I’d always like to be better. I had some great people believe in me, even when I made a mistake at the GP, they’ve kept backing me.

“We’ve shown what we can do in Taupo so it’s all about momentum and keep it rolling.

“I love the Darwin circuit and the event. It’s one of my favourites. The whole town rallies around it, so I can’t wait to get to the track.

“I’ve only raced a Stadium Truck and a Hyundai Excel, so I’m not sure what I can transfer to a Porsche, but it’s going to be fun.”

The Scott Taylor Motorsport team will be very visible in Darwin, with the team conducting its second road trip to the Top End.

The team will make its way to the Hidden Valley Raceway track in its formidable road train and, like last year, will film a documentary of its journey.

Team owner Scott Taylor will also be jumping behind the wheel in Darwin, racing in the Combined Sedans class in an A9X Torana, carrying a tribute livery to the Bob Jane and Ian ‘Pete’ Geoghegan from 1978.

“Darwin is definitely one of my all-time favourites every year, we look forward to the whole event, this year in particular given the involvement from Porsche representing the indigenous art and stories” Taylor said.

“STM is proud to participate in events that bring communities together through sport and culture.

“We are excited to unveil Daniels artwork, its perfect, so we’ve extended his colourful, heartfelt picture and story to our transporter, team gear and various other vehicles – in fact, I think we’ll be keen to keep it even after this round!

“We are also pumped to be filming our second documentary ‘Hauling Down Under’, capturing the effort and the adventure of the road trip from the Gold Coast to Darwin.

“2024 is a new era for the STM team, Nash (Morris) is performing well in his first season of Porsche Carrera Cup, and we are looking forward to his continued development in the category.

“I am thoroughly enjoying my own driving experience, between the trucks and other race categories, like Aussie Cars and the upcoming Combined Sedans.

“It’s a few years since the 1977 Geoghegan / Jane A9X Torana has been on a race track, it would be an understatement to say I am keen to get behind the wheel in Darwin”

The betr Darwin Triple Crown will be held from June 14-16. Carrera Cup will be on track on Friday for practice, followed by qualifying and racing on Saturday and Sunday.