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Fun Cup invades Australia

Fun Cup? What’s that? Yes, the Repco Garage asked these very questions to Fun Cup Australia’s Greg Woodrow, but were immediately interested in this unusual category.

Yes, these are wild versions of Volkswagen’s Beetle made to go as fast as possible originating from Belgium by Franz Dubois in 1997.

The hallmark event for the class is the 25 Hours at Spa where unbelievably more than 150 of these things race at one of the world’s great race tracks.

Although Woodrow isn’t focused on building a Fun Cup in Australia just yet the likes of Repco Supercars Championship driver Jordan Boys have sampled these bespoke racing machines.

Despite the appearance of a zooped up Beetle, the Fun Cup package is very modern running a 1.8-litre Audi/Volkswagen engine transferring power through a five-speed Sadev sequential gearbox with both these units sealed to ensure equal performance.

The tyre is a standard road radial used in both wet and dry conditions as the formula has expanded across Europe, extending to the US more recently.

Woodrow was formerly the Mygale distributor in Australia through his G-Force Motorsport concern and eight months ago acquired a few Fun Cup cars to try on track days with these being successful. The goal is to continue this model, but he hasn’t ruled out building a Fun Cup class in Australia.