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How Supercars are freighted to New Zealand

The Repco Supercars Championship’s first visit to Taupo International Motorsport Park is the first flyaway round of the series for two years, but how does the travel all work?

In what is just the second flyaway event in six years (cars and equipment travelled by ship in 2019) it marks the first for Gen3 although not a lot has changed in the process despite the new regulation ruleset.

All 24 entries plus a container each per car of equipment and parts were loaded up last weekend at Avalon Airport located just outside of Geelong in Victoria where the plane departed to go to New Zealand.

Teams were reunited with the precious cargo yesterday following a trip through customs as fans got an early glimpse of the Gen3 metal as it rolled into Taupo.

On the return trip, teams will pack up the containers immediately after proceedings end on Sunday and will pick it up from Avalon Airport on Tuesday as preparations will begin for Perth.

Stringent biosecurity measures between both Australia and New Zealand provide an interesting challenge as teams must ensure all equipment, parts and cars are spotless both on arrival in addition to departure.

Gibson Freight has been a part of Supercars flyaway rounds for many years now including to China, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and the US.

Using bespoke double stack car racks, the cars, parts and equipment have made the trip safely to Taupo, with further flyaway rounds a possibility for the Repco Supercars Championship in years to come.