Did you make the cut?

$100 a week in Repco e-gift cards for each room for 7 weeks. End game is the top 10 winners. 1st place $500, second place $300 and third place $200. Places 4 to 10 get a $50 Repco e-gift card. End game prizes are for the top 10 for each room on 23rd Aug 22.

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Repco I Spy

Find the car references as fast as you can

We reckon you can find all the hidden references in these rooms in 10 minutes. The weekly top spot on the leaderboard will win a $100 Repco e-gift card, or finish in the top 10 at the end of the game series on 23rd Aug 22 to win up to $500 in Repco e-gift cards.

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If you need a heads up on how the games works here's a tutorial.

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Repco TV

Search the course by swiping in any direction and clicking the circle when you've made a find.
Learn to play

You have 10 minutes to find all references to racing history hidden in this scene.


This is your checklist


Tap on one for a hint on where it is and a clue.


Swipe in any direction to search this scene and pinch the screen or use the bar to the right to zoom in/out.


Once you've found a reference, line it up with this circle and hold to capture it.



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