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Taylor James and an Aussie split the wins in D1NZ doubleheader

Central Drift Teams Taylor James and Australian drifting legend Luke Fink split the wins in the first Repco D1NZ doubleheader at Manfeild.

In trying conditions, Round 3 was decided in favour of James after an intense battle with Jordan Joyce as the latter was forced to make a slight correction.

Fink displayed his strong form by finishing Round 3 third after falling to Joyce in the semi-finals as he defeated Dave Steedman in the wet conditions.

Fink made up for it in Round 4 by taking the JDM Racing Nissan S15 Silvia to victory in Round 4 meeting the current championship leader Kase Pullen-Bury.

Pullen-Bury had to move through after a tough battle with Steedman, but a superior chase from the title leader placed him in front when the judges casted their vote.

Having moved through his battle with Cody Pullen-Bury, Taylor faced his older brother though an electrical problem arose forcing him to withdraw from his Top 4 battle.

It was rectified ahead of the battle for third, some 30 seconds prior as Taylor rewarded the effort to take the position defeating Connor Halligan.

In Pro-Sport Daniel Smith and Deane Young shared the spoils in Pro Sport as Keisuke Nagashima leads the way.

Fink now takes second in the standings, but is 94-points behind Pullen-Bury heading to the Baypark Grand Finale on May 12-13.