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The Falcon still in Supercars

It’s been six years since the Falcon last graced the track in the Repco Supercars Championship, but the nameplate is still on raced in South Africa of all places.

The South African Mobil 1 V8 Supercars is similar to the frontrunners in the Australian Sports Sedan Series with a space frame chassis covered by wild bodies featuring pumped guards and large wings.

The Ford Falcon is still used in FG configuration, which stopped production nearly a decade ago about the same time the Australian Supercars switched to the FGX, which ended service in 2018.

Going up against Jaguar, Mustang, Corvette and the Chevrolet Lumina (similar to a VE Commodore), the Falcon is far away from its factory representation as stated above as these are beasts.

Engines are heavily modified V8s originating from the manufacturers family of units, while mated to sequential four-speed gearboxes.

Penske supply the control suspension in what are bespoke, but a cost effective package.

As mentioned above the bodies are basically distinguished by subtle indentations at the front and headlight stickers. They sit very low and are two door compared to the factory specification featuring rear diffusers and large side skirts to contain the side exhausts. Very menacing, these V8 Supercars are very impressive while standing still.

The Falcon appears to still have a bit of life in it yet racing in South Africa, while locally the V8 Touring Car Series cancellation leaves the nameplate off the racetracks temporarily.

Check out some video of the Mobil V8 Supercars below.