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The return of the GT

The famous GT nameplate for Ford Australia in the 1990s came at a transitional time for the local subsidiary when it introduced the V8 back into its Falcon and returned it to the race track.

The changes in Australia motorsport at the time transitioned onto the road as the EB GT welcomed a new era spawning not only the first GT since the 1970s, but another for the EL in 1998 and finally the glory days of Ford Performance Vehicles from 2002 until 2014.

Released in 1992, the EB GT was designed as a road car first and foremost with homologation specials not required for the new Group 3A formula set to be introduced as the lead Australian Touring Car Championship regulations for 1993.

This version of the GT was really a performance cruiser featuring a 200kw Windsor V8 reaching a top speed of 230km/h and a standing quarter mile of 15.2s.

The most noticeable item on the EB GT was its distinctive body kit featuring an aggressive front bumper, side skirts, rear wing, wider guards and bonnet scoop, which was matched by a lowered ride height and special wheels.

Matching the luxury models of the day, its interior was leather throughout as walnut featured within the dash.

Tickford led the development of the EB GT as the ride proved comfortable, but this didn’t hurt its street cred as a quick road car. This also translated to the transmission options as a choice of five-speed manual or four-speed automatic were offered.

Available in blue, black and red, it was a refined model and welcomed a new era of Ford performance Falcons lasting for more than 20 years.

Purchased new for $62,000 in 1992, this model is featuring a resurgence in popularity due to being a limited edition of 250 for Australia (15 went to New Zealand) and the older GTs from the 1970s rapidly increasing in price.

Crucially, the EB not only welcomed the GT, but spawned the first XR6 and XR8 also fettled by Tickford Vehicle Engineering.