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Top five celebrations that get you goin’

The late Dan Gurney is credited as inventing the champagne spray after taking success for Ford at Le Mans in 1967 alongside A.J. Foyt.

Gurney passed away in 2018, but his legacy remains as the champagne spray remains a traditional celebration to this day and has spawned many iterations.

“We were up there celebrating, and everyone was up there, Michael Parkes from Ferrari and all the Ford people,” recalled Gurney.

“We didn’t call him Henry II, we called him ‘Hank the Deuce.’ He was an imposing figure and if he looked at you the wrong way, you kind of shrivelled up and tried to disappear.

“He was there with a new bride, I think, on their honeymoon and when I started spraying him, I’m not sure he liked it or not, but he was a good sport about it and we had a wonderful time spraying champagne, A.J. and I both.”

In honour of this the Repco Garage has highlighted five Supercars celebrations that get you goin’

Frank the Tank – James Courtney

From the film Old School, James Courtney replicated this signature move from the movie on the roof of his Supercar on numerous occasions and is a favourite among fans.

Jumping in the fountain – Jamie Whincup

Jim Courier jumped into the Yarra River after winning the Australian Open, Daniel Ricciardo and Mark Webber both belly flopped into Red Bull’s pool at Monaco, while Jamie Whincup swam in one of Newcastle’s fountains. It proved not well thought out because as it turned out the water was dirty.

Climb the fence – Scott McLaughlin

Emulating his now rivals in IndyCar, Scott McLaughlin climbed the fence to get closer to fans in quite a few of his celebrations including his title winning successes in Newcastle and at Pukekohe.

Simultaneous champagne drop – Gold Coast podium

As it turned out this was a well orchestrated celebration from all six drivers on the Gold Coast podium where they hit the base of the champagne bottle on the podium and it erupted like a volcano. The dignitary remaining on the podium amidst the chaos may not have liked it though!

Fire extinguisher – David Reynolds

Now it wouldn’t be a countdown of celebrations without David Reynolds. From pot plants to fighting a sponsor mascot to shoeys to even riding his co-driver like a jockey there are so many to choose from. But last year’s fire extinguisher at the Gold Coast displayed the now veteran driver is still as wild as ever.