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What makes D1NZ frontrunner’s Mustang tick

‘Fanga’ Dan Woolhouse is an icon of Repco D1NZ and is recognised as one of the pioneers of drifting in New Zealand, but his latest Ford Mustang is state of the art after being developed by an American Formula D legend.

Woolhouse has transferred from Nissan to Holden to Ford during his career winning three D1NZ titles along the way.

Making the move to Mustang for 2017, Woolhouse’s plans changed when an approach was made to Ford Performance from an associate leading to further contact being made to New Zealander Ian Stewart, who co-owns RTR Vehicles alongside Formula D legend Vaughan Gittin Jr.

RTR Vehicles specialise in providing performance parts for a variety of models in addition to building special creations such as Gittin Jr’s Formula D Mustang and the all-wheel-drive ‘Hoonicorn’ driven by Ken Block.

“It’s a dream come true,” Woolhouse said at the launch of the Mustang. “I’ve been walking around with a smile on my face every day.

“I would’ve never dreamed of it. I’m just so stoked to have the support I’ve had from my existing sponsors, they’re so happy for us.”

Powered by a phenomenal Roush Yates V8 producing 700kw at 9000rpm, ‘Fanga’ Dan’s Mustang features a solid roller camshaft, Ford Performance D3 custom ported aluminium heads, Kinsler eight-stack intake, MoTeC M880 ECU, Xforce exhaust, ASD billet engine plate, rear-mount radiator and AN water lines.

RTR engine products include a fabricated dry sump pan and four-into-one headers.

In terms of driveline items, an Andrews four-speed manual and dog-engagement gear set lead the items, with a Quarter Master twin-plate clutch, Winters quick change diff, while Driveshaft Shop provided not only the axles, but the driveshaft too.

Wilwood supply the brake kit including six-piston calipers on the front and four-piston for the rear.

RTR also enhanced the exterior through its 5-D body kit. RTR’s influence extends to the rims in collaboration with HRE, which are three-piece forged.

Inside a Recaro fixed-back bucket seats, Takata five-point harness protects the driver within a six-point roll cage. MoTeC instruments and shift light provide information to the driver as an OMP steering wheel is mated to a Woodward column in addition to a quick-release.

Now featuring predominant Castrol backing, ‘Fanga Dan’ enters another season as one of the favourites.